Pre-Season Meeting

Minutes of Pre-Season Meeting
21st September 2015 at Shebbear Village Hall.

Richard Whiterow (Chairman)
Mick Stairs (Secretary)
Richard Clark (Club Captain)
Gordon Young (Competition Secretary)
Carole Stairs (Treasurer)
Members: Joe Bevis, Julia Woolgar, Maura Marwick, Gill Cooper, Pam Whiterow, Andrew Moore, Lorraine Buttery, Brenda Clark, Maurice Martin, Lesley Tennant.
Apologies: Tiny Lester, Ken Chamberlain
The meeting was opened at 7.30pm by Richard Whiterow, Chairman who welcomed everyone.

Club Captain’s Report – Richard Clark.
The Shebbear summer league team enjoyed a good season, only missing out by half a point from winning their division.
The N Devon & N Cornwall AGM was held on 6th May .2015.
As only 9 teams have entered the county 4s, a decision was made that there would only be two divisions this year. However, 21 teams have entered the triples and so there would still be 3 divisions.
Result cards now need to be returned to the County within 7 days of the match, rather than 3 days as previously, to save on postage. Two cards may therefore be sent in the same envelope if that have been played in the previous week.

Fixtures Secretary’s Report – Given by Richard Clark in Tiny Lester’s absence.
The fixtures booklets are available and will be distributed to members. They are in the same format as previously.
There is one amendment needed – the Club Singles is to be played on 9th November not 2nd Nov. as shown in the booklet.
Acorns and Stones matches will start at 2pm and The Oaks at 7.30pm.
Following the Acorns promotion, some Stones players may be asked on occasions to play for The Acorns as they are now in different leagues.

Competition Secretary’s Report – Gordon Young
Change of Rules – Internal Club Matches
Jack off  the Mat – two shots to be lost now rather than three, except for Matchplay.
Club Champion
In the past the winner of the 4-Wood competition has automatically become the Club Champion. Gordon proposed, however, that in future there should be a ‘play off’ for Club Champion.
After a general discussion it was further proposed that the play off should be between the winners of the 4-wood, 2-wood and Matchplay club competitions and if there were  3 separate winners of these competitions then a draw would be made to decide who would have a ‘bye’ to the final play off. Club Championship matches to be 4-wood game.
Proposal unanimously approved by those present.
Wednesday Roll Up
Lesley Tennant asked whether Wednesdays ‘roll up’ should be more competitive – perhaps run as a ‘spoons’ competition. Some present felt this might deter new members from joining and Gordon Young felt it would be difficult to manage if players arrived late. Gill Cooper suggested maybe a spoons competition be run just once a month, say first Wednesday of the month.
With no agreement at the meeting, Richard Whiterow suggested this be discussed on a Wednesday when those players affected would all be present.

Club Secretary’s Report – Mick Stairs
Thanks extended to Richard Clark and Tiny Lester for producing the fixture cards.
Feedback sought on style, format and colours as the Secretary felt there could be some difficulty reading the writing overlaid on the darker colours. If there are any suggestions for any amendments these are to be highlighted to the Secretary.

Team Selection
Mick Stairs reminded team members that it is their responsibility to select a captain and that any change to the existing team captain should be discussed at the first meeting afternoon/evening meeting of the new season.
He also suggested a discussion regarding the selection of a team captain should maybe be included at the AGM – as it is difficult as team selections not known till the start of the next season. Joe Bevis commented that this may not work as members did not know which team they were in at AGM.
Lesley Tennant added that maybe if existing team captains are not willing to continue the following season then they should raise this at the AGM otherwise it will be assumed they will continue in the role.
Secretary to ensure the issue of the continuation in role of the team captains is an AGM agenda item in future.
Fees 2015/16 Season
Membership £16 p.a. (payable now)
Club nights and Wednesday roll up Fees £2 a session (payable on the day)
Home league matches £4 per match

Refreshments are included in the  fees with  tea coffee & biscuits purchased from club funds by Mick Stairs

Information on Tournaments & Competitions

Any invitations received by the Secretary will be placed on the notice board in the lobby of the village hall and members must make sure they check this regularly.

Equipment Cupboards
Before the start of the season the cupboards need to be tidied up – date to be advised by Mick Stairs and members encouraged to come along and help.
The tops of the cupboards are hard to clean due to their slatted construction so Julia Woolgar has offered to see if she can improve them.
Attracting new members
There will be an article inviting new members to the club  in the next edition of Reflecting Shebbear together with details of the times and dates of the sessions. Details will also be posted on the Shebbear Community facebook page and on the Village Stores notice board.

Diary Dates
Club Xmas Evening – Monday, 14th December (pooled food)
AGM and dinner – Friday 15th April 2016 to be held at Holsworthy Golf Club
 ‘Playing Up’
Joe Bevis sought clarification of who will arrange for those to be asked to ‘play up’ from the Stones to the Acorns and was confirmed it will be reminded members that Stones players could only be asked to ‘play up’ to The Acorns on a maximum of three occasions otherwise they would be considered as a permanent member of the Acorns team.
Gordon Young advised it was responsibility of Acorns team captain to keep record of who and when reserves were asked to ‘play up’
Friendly Matches
As High Bickington is now in the same league as Shebbear Acorns,  Gordon is not pursuing a friendly game this season.
However club has been approached by Bradford & Cookbury SMBC to play a friendly match on a Monday evening – Bradford & Cookbury is only a small club so only 2 rinks.
Maurice Martin suggested game be arranged for early season either 5th or 12th October as no other match commitments those weeks. Gordon will liaise.
Club contact details
Gill Cooper asked if it was possible to have a list of member’s phone numbers. Mick Stairs to arrange to email details to members for whom he has an email address.

Team Selection
Richard Woodrow asked team captains to publish team selections on the club notice board.
Any Other Business

Brenda Clark suggested that Thursday evening hall bookings could perhaps be used for some ‘fun’ games.
Richard Clark had not submitted an entry for the County competitions this year as he believed no-one was interested but apologised as Richard Whiterow and Pam Whiterow who were disappointed as they would have liked to enter the County Pairs.
Richard Whiterow asked for any such decisions be raised with the Committee before entry confirmed or not and Lesley Tennant suggested that anyone interested in playing County competition the following season should make the Competitions Secretary aware at the AGM.
Club Secretary to ensure this is a future AGM agenda item.

Meeting closed at 8.50 pm