Important - problems with our Site.

We are sorry to inform you, that alongside a million+ sites based on a similar web framework - this site was attacked late April/early May.  There is nothing stored in the Site to worry users (apart from the odd phone number and email address), however everyone should take a couple of sensible steps:

- run a full virus check on the pcs you may have used to access the site from 18th April.  This is a sensible precaution, although doing it on the two pcs used to maintain the site should no infection.

- be careful about any unusual emails you receive and ignore anything sent from

So, what did the hackers do?  Although it is impossible to be certain, it looks as though they used the Site as a free computing resource to 'mine' cryptocurrency.  This is apparently a frequent use when Sites are hacked, especialy if they lack sensitive data to exploit.

What is the current situation?  We have fallen back the Site to a condition well before the hack (26th March) , hence the recent addition of a few results and the devils schedules have been lost, and will be added back soon.  We have also changed lots of passwords associated with the Site. So, all should be now safe.

Sorry, this sounds much more worrying than hopefully it is.