Results for County Tens

Note in mat results and others, Shebbear Team scores are shown first.

Nid Date Team Opposition Team Points Mat 1 Mat 2 Results, general information Link to edit content
472 12/11/2014 (All day) County Tens Yarnscombe Alas we lost to last years county champions. Good luck to them.
471 09/10/2014 (All day) County Tens Yarnscombe 1 A loss on 3 mats and a draw on one.
327 08/11/2013 (All day) County Tens Winkleigh Typhoons 0 After 2 legs Shebbear lost 4 - 12
326 30/10/2013 (All day) County Tens Winkleigh Typhoons 3 a win for the pairs and a draw in the singles
234 02/01/2013 (All day) County Tens Anstey 8 A win in all 4 disciplines
144 13/12/2012 (All day) County Tens Anstey 3 singles a draw, pairs loss ,triples win, fours loss
218 31/10/2012 (All day) County Tens Torrington Torrington played well away from home and win through to the next leg
217 24/10/2012 (All day) County Tens Torrington In this first leg; we lost 3 disciplines and drew 1
82 09/02/2012 (All day) County Tens Torrington We win 7 of 8 mats and go through to Plymouth