Fixtures Archive

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Date Team Home? Opposition Team
Mon 14Oct19 Rollup Home
Thu 10Oct19 Stones Away Ilfracombe Kestrels
Thu 10Oct19 Oaks Home Buckland Greens
Wed 9Oct19 Afternoon roll up 2pm - 4pm Home
Wed 9Oct19 Acorns Away Fremington Flyers
Mon 7Oct19 Rollup Home
Thu 3Oct19 Merton League Away Yarnscombe
Wed 2Oct19 Afternoon roll up 2pm - 4pm Home
Mon 30Sep19 Rollup Home
Mon 23Sep19 Rollup Home
Mon 16Sep19 Rollup Home
Mon 9Sep19 Rollup Home
Mon 2Sep19 Rollup Home
Mon 19Aug19 Rollup Home
Fri 16Aug19 Devils Away Winkleigh
Mon 12Aug19 Rollup Home
Mon 5Aug19 Devils Home High Bickington
Tue 30Jul19 Devils Away Pancrasweek
Mon 29Jul19 Rollup Home
Wed 24Jul19 Devils Away Bishops Nympton
Mon 22Jul19 Rollup Home
Mon 15Jul19 Devils Home Bishops Nympton
Mon 8Jul19 Rollup Home
Mon 1Jul19 Rollup Home
Mon 24Jun19 Rollup Home
Mon 24Jun19 Rollup Home
Mon 17Jun19 Devils Home Pancrasweek
Mon 10Jun19 Devils Home Winkleigh
Mon 3Jun19 Rollup Home
Wed 29May19 Devils Away High Bickington
Mon 20May19 Rollup Home
Mon 13May19 Rollup Home
Mon 6May19 Rollup Home
Thu 28Mar19 Merton League Away Merton
Wed 27Mar19 Afternoon roll up 2pm - 4pm Home
Mon 25Mar19 Merton League Home Hatherleigh
Mon 25Mar19 Rollup Home
Wed 20Mar19 Afternoon roll up 2pm - 4pm Home
Mon 18Mar19 Rollup Home
Fri 15Mar19 Merton League Away Wick B
Thu 14Mar19 Oaks Home Woolsery Wasps
Tue 12Mar19 Stones Home Torrington Reds
Mon 11Mar19 Finals Night Home
Fri 8Mar19 Merton League Away Winkleigh
Wed 6Mar19 Oaks Away Wick
Tue 5Mar19 Merton League Away Torrington
Mon 4Mar19 Stones Away Braunton
Mon 4Mar19 Finals Night Home
Thu 28Feb19 Oaks Away South Molton Hedgehogs
Wed 27Feb19 Stones Away Woolsery Buzzers
Mon 25Feb19 Merton League Home Winkleigh
Mon 25Feb19 Oaks Away Christchurch Saints
Thu 21Feb19 Stones Home Strand Strollers
Wed 20Feb19 Tony Stephens Trophy Away Winkleigh
Tue 19Feb19 Acorns Home Goodleigh Cherries
Fri 15Feb19 Merton League Away Wick A
Thu 14Feb19 Acorns Home Holsworthy Elms
Tue 12Feb19 Stones Away Torrington Reds
Mon 11Feb19 Couples Home
Thu 7Feb19 Oaks Home Yarnscombe
Tue 5Feb19 Acorns Home South Molton Squirrels
Mon 4Feb19 Merton League Home Torrington
Thu 31Jan19 Stones Home Holsworthy Oaks
Thu 31Jan19 Oaks Away Christchurch Saints
Mon 28Jan19 Merton League Home Wick B
Tue 22Jan19 Acorns Away Anstey
Mon 21Jan19 Two-wood Singles Home
Thu 17Jan19 Stones Home Woolsery Buzzers
Wed 16Jan19 Oaks Away Yarnscombe
Tue 15Jan19 Acorns Home Morwenstow Hawkers
Mon 14Jan19 Tony Stephens Trophy Away Hartland Reds
Thu 10Jan19 Oaks Home Wick
Wed 9Jan19 Stones Home South Molton Otters
Tue 8Jan19 Acorns Home South Molton Millers
Mon 7Jan19 Merton League Away Westward Ho!
Thu 3Jan19 Oaks Away Merton
Thu 13Dec18 Tony Stephens Trophy Home Hartland
Tue 11Dec18 Acorns Away Morwenstow Hawkers
Mon 10Dec18 Merton League Home Wick A
Tue 4Dec18 Merton League Away Hatherleigh
Tue 4Dec18 Acorns Away South Molton Squirrels
Mon 3Dec18 Triples Home
Thu 29Nov18 Oaks Home Merton
Wed 28Nov18 Stones Away Holsworthy Oaks
Mon 26Nov18 Merton League Home Westward Ho!
Mon 26Nov18 Acorns Away South Molton Millers
Thu 22Nov18 Oaks Home South Molton Hedgehogs
Wed 21Nov18 Stones Away Strand Strollers
Mon 19Nov18 Match Play Home
Fri 16Nov18 Oaks Away Woolsery Wasps
Tue 13Nov18 Stones Home Braunton
Thu 8Nov18 Alan Wright Trophy Home Hartland
Wed 7Nov18 Acorns Away Holsworthy Elms
Mon 5Nov18 Four Wood Singles Home
Tue 30Oct18 Acorns Home Anstey
Mon 29Oct18 Merton League Home Merton
Wed 24Oct18 Alan Wright Trophy Away Hartland
Mon 22Oct18 Pairs Home
Thu 18Oct18 Oaks Home Christchurch Saints
Wed 17Oct18 Stones Away South Molton Otters
Thu 4Oct18 Acorns Away Goodleigh Cherries
Wed 29Aug18 Devils Away High Bickington
Thu 16Aug18 Devils Away Westward Ho!
Thu 9Aug18 Devils Home Bishops Nympton
Mon 30Jul18 Devils Home Westward Ho!
Mon 9Jul18 Devils Home Woolsery Buzzers
Thu 21Jun18 Devils Away Christchurch Angels
Wed 13Jun18 Devils Away Woolsery Buzzers
Wed 30May18 Devils Away Bishops Nympton
Thu 24May18 Devils Home Christchurch Angels
Thu 17May18 Devils Home High Bickington
Wed 28Mar18 Stones Away Westward Ho! Surfers
Tue 20Mar18 Stones Home High Bickington
Thu 15Mar18 Acorns Home Halwill
Thu 15Mar18 Stones Away Strand Strollers
Mon 12Mar18 Finals Night Home
Fri 9Mar18 Oaks Home Wick
Thu 8Mar18 Oaks Home Yarnscombe
Thu 8Mar18 Stones Home Hatherleigh
Wed 7Mar18 Acorns Away Fremington Flippers
Mon 5Mar18 Finals Night Home
Wed 28Feb18 Oaks Away Yarnscombe
Tue 27Feb18 Stones Home Strand Strollers
Mon 26Feb18 Couples Home
Thu 22Feb18 Acorns Home Ilfracombe Hawks
Wed 21Feb18 Oaks Away Wick
Tue 20Feb18 Stones Away Holsworthy Oaks
Thu 15Feb18 Acorns Away Ilfracombe Hawks
Tue 13Feb18 Acorns Home Merton
Thu 8Feb18 Acorns Home Anstey
Wed 7Feb18 Alan Wright Trophy Away Yarnscombe
Mon 5Feb18 Two-wood Singles Home
Thu 1Feb18 Oaks Home South Molton Ferrets
Wed 31Jan18 Stones Away High Bickington
Thu 25Jan18 Alan Wright Trophy Home Yarnscombe
Tue 23Jan18 Acorns Away Winkleigh Typhoons
Tue 23Jan18 Stones Home Christchurch Sinners
Thu 18Jan18 Stones Away Christchurch Sinners
Mon 15Jan18 Acorns Away Hartland
Thu 11Jan18 Oaks Home South Molton Hedgehogs
Wed 10Jan18 Acorns Away Halwill
Mon 8Jan18 Triples Home
Tue 19Dec17 Acorns Away Merton
Thu 14Dec17 Oaks Home Stratton
Tue 12Dec17 Stones Away Strand Strollers
Thu 7Dec17 Acorns Away Anstey
Tue 5Dec17 Oaks Away Stratton
Mon 4Dec17 Match Play Home
Thu 30Nov17 Acorns Home Fremington Flippers
Tue 28Nov17 Stones Home Holsworthy Oaks
Mon 27Nov17 Tony Stephens Trophy Away Torrington
Thu 23Nov17 Alan Wright Trophy Home Goodleigh
Wed 22Nov17 Oaks Away South Molton Ferrets
Thu 16Nov17 Acorns Home Ilfracombe Hawks
Tue 14Nov17 Stones Home Christchurch Sinners
Mon 13Nov17 Four Wood Singles Home
Thu 9Nov17 Oaks Away South Molton Hedgehogs
Thu 2Nov17 Stones Away Hatherleigh
Tue 31Oct17 Acorns Home Hartland
Mon 23Oct17 Pairs Home
Tue 17Oct17 Acorns Home Winkleigh Typhoons
Tue 10Oct17 Stones Home Westward Ho! Surfers
Wed 4Oct17 Alan Wright Trophy Away Goodleigh
Mon 27Mar17 Finals Night Home
Mon 20Mar17 Finals Night Home
Thu 16Mar17 Oaks Away Yarnscombe
Tue 14Mar17 Acorns Away Hartland
Mon 13Mar17 Stones Away Westward Ho! Surfers
Fri 10Mar17 Stones Home Woolsery Buzzers
Thu 9Mar17 Acorns Away Christchurch Sinners
Fri 3Mar17 Stones Home Instow
Thu 2Mar17 Oaks Away South Molton Ferrets
Tue 28Feb17 Acorns Away Holsworthy Oaks
Mon 27Feb17 Couples Home
Thu 23Feb17 Oaks Away Christchurch Angels
Wed 22Feb17 Stones Away Strand Reds
Mon 20Feb17 Oaks Away Westward Ho!
Thu 16Feb17 Tony Stephens Trophy Away Yarnscombe
Thu 9Feb17 Acorns Home Strand Strollers
Wed 8Feb17 Stones Away High Bickington
Mon 6Feb17 Two-wood Singles Home
Thu 2Feb17 Oaks Home South Molton Hedgehogs
Mon 30Jan17 Oaks Away Wick
Fri 27Jan17 Stones Home Hatherleigh
Thu 26Jan17 Acorns Home Winkleigh
Mon 23Jan17 Oaks Home Christchurch Angels
Thu 19Jan17 Oaks Home Yarnscombe
Wed 18Jan17 Acorns Away Winkleigh
Fri 13Jan17 Stones Home Instow
Thu 12Jan17 Acorns Home Merton
Mon 9Jan17 Tony Stephens Trophy Home Sutcombe Skylarks
Thu 5Jan17 Oaks Away South Molton Hedgehogs
Mon 19Dec16 Tony Stephens Trophy Away Morwenstow Hawkers
Tue 13Dec16 Acorns Away Strand Strollers
Thu 8Dec16 Oaks Away Stratton
Mon 5Dec16 Match Play Home
Fri 2Dec16 Acorns Home Holsworthy Oaks
Thu 1Dec16 Oaks Home Christchurch Angels
Tue 29Nov16 Stones Away Woolsery Buzzers
Fri 25Nov16 Stones Home Strand Reds