Joining Us


Our annual subscriptions are £20.00.  Included in this will be your £7.00 registration fee to the E.S.M.B.A.
Fees become payable at our pre-winter season meeting usually held in early September.

Our Monday club nights cost just £2.00 and if you choose to play in any league games there is a £4.00 charge but only for home games.

How to join

Just come along on a Monday evening or Wednesday afternoon, our secretary, club captain, or treasurer are always around to guide you.

Alternatively fill in the Contact us form to make any enquiries or telephone our Club Secretary on 01805 601427

What you will need

When you first visit us there's nothing you will need.  The club has a few sets of woods you can use and you can play in stocking feet.

If you decide to take up the sport then you will need your own woods and a pair of shoes.  If you go to the links page we have suggested a couple of supliers.