Activities and Competitions



Roll-ups are how we spend most of our winter Monday evenings.  It's just informal groups that get together and simply practice different types of shots or have friendly games.  The club has four mats and typically groups of 4, 6, or 8 practice on each.  Roll-ups begin mid Setember and run through to the end of March.


Wednesday roll-ups between 2-pm and 4pm during the winter months; from the first Wednesday in October through to the last Wednesday in March.  The afternoons are run as a fun/social event with no serious competitions; plenty of conversation and tea and biscuits.  The aim is to help first timers learn the sport and also be a practice session for our regular bowlers.  The first two sessions are free to new comers, then £2 per session thereafter.


Internal Competitions

The club has a number of internal competitions; the trophies are awarded at our Annual Dinner & AGM

We currently compete for the following trophies:

  • Club Champion
  • 2 wood singles
  • Matchplay - a singles competition with a twist
  • Pairs -  drawn randomly
  • Mixed Triples - triples are drawn randomly
  • Couples - pairs are drawn randomly

North Devon League

Winter Leagues

The winter season runs from 1st October - 31st March. 

Winter Evening Triples

Matches played on a home and away basis.  Games start at 7.30pm.  Shebbear currently has one team in this league our 'Oaks' are in Division 4.

Winter Afternoon Triples

Matches played on a home and away basis.  Games start at 2.00pm.  Shebbear currently has two teams in this league; the Acorns in division 3 and the Stones in division 6

Summer League

The summer season runs from mid-May to late August It's an Evening triples league and games start at 7.30pm.  Shebbear has one team entered, the 'Devils'.

North Devon League Cup Competitions

Alan Wright 10's

This competition is run annually and the draw is made at the beginning of the winter season.  In each round teams compete on a home and away basis, the team with the highest number of shots wins through to the next round. 

From the whole club 10 players are selected to play in one of four disciplines; singles. pairs, triples and fours.  Each plays ten ends.

Tony Stephens Trophy

This is run annually and its a Knock-out competition.  The winter league teams the 'Oaks' and 'Acorns' are both entered in the draw.

The Draw made by the league at the beginning of the winter season determines the home and away teams in each round.  It's one match only, win on shots and you're through to the next round.



These competitions are run every season and you can enter them personally, information is available on the league website.  Your partners need not be members of Shebbear Short Mat.

Aubrey & Shute

Mary Kent Triples

Other Clubs' Competitions


There are many bowls tournaments run throughout the year, you can usually find information on the club notice board.  In the future we hope to post directly onto the website.                              


County Tens

Shebbear competes against teams from across Devon.  The ten players are chosen by the club captain and after the first round, played locally, successful teams play off at the 'Isca Centre' in Exeter.

Individual Entry - various

Any Shebbear player can compete in the county competitions, a registration form goes on the notice board, you fill in what you want to play and with whom, the club treasurer pays and you pay them!  It's a good opportunity to test your skills, it's not just for the elite every one can have a go!