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Shebbear Village Hall


It all started by chance for Shebbear when the village hall received a circular suggesting new activities to generate income to improve their finances, one of those was Short Mat bowling.

The chairman of the village hall at that time, Jack Dart, approached Ron Ackland knowing that he was a playing member of the Bradworthy outdoor club. Ron then contacted several people in the village and found there was sufficient interest to call a meeting.

That first meeting was held on the the 15th February 1986, it was well attended.  After a demonstration by members of Bideford and Morwenstow everyone agreed that Shebbear should start a club.  that evening Ron Ackland was voted Chairman, Mike Barker as Treasurer and Lorna Andrews as Secretary.

It was agreed that the annual subscription fee be £10 and that there would be a charge of 50p per bowls session

A proposal was made to purchase two mats if the funds could be raised.  With mats costing £500 each and a need for secondhand bowls it was clear that fundraising was essential.  Several options were discussed and finally a suggestion was accepted that involved members making a £50 interest free loan.  11 of the 22 members were able to make the loan to repaid as funds became available.

Members worked hard to raise £380, the club received a donation from the Parish Council and £250 from the Sports Federation.

The sport became very popular in the late eighties and several villages followed Shebbear.  The North Devon League was established for the 1987/88 season.  The league's initial meeting was held here in Shebbear. Both the club and league have gone from strength to strength.

As a club we have had great success, one of our finest moments was in 1998 when two members contested the Devon County Singles Final.  More recently Shebbear members were part of the team to win the County National Championship.


Positions on the Committee are as follows Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Club Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Club Captain, Vice-Captain, Internal Competitions Secretary